When exploring the world of investments, it’s important to gain a broad perspective of the various types for a clear understanding of how each of them can work towards achieving your objectives. Each has its own investment characteristics which, when applied individually, may not be appropriate for your financial profile; however, when they are strategically combined in a portfolio, they can work in concert to meet your investment objectives within your risk parameters. It is, therefore, important to consider all investments in light of your specific objectives and risk tolerance.


Investments for Growth & Accumulation

Many investors are unaware that there are safe investments that will link your annual returns to the stock market, and at the same time guarantee your principal against market loss. The market corrections of 2002 and 2008 took a toll on the account balances of investors who suffered through those downturns. The good news is that many leading companies have adapted to investor’s need for safe growth, and in turn, have developed several investment plans that allow you to participate in the market’s growth, all without ever losing any value if the market goes down.


Investments for Income

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors are looking for better rates of interest than those offered within bonds and CD’s from the bank. In comparison, many investment/insurance companies are offering guaranteed interest rates as high as 6-7% per year for up to 10 years, and those funds are then available to turn into an income that will be guaranteed to last the rest of your life. This approach of Guaranteed Lifetime Income is a refreshing alternative to investing in risky stocks which could fluctuate in value and deplete your account balance at a more rapid rate than you had originally planned.

Similarly, investing in certificates of deposit at these historically low interest rates could also create an issue if you end up spending down too much of your principal just so you can make ends meet. Don’t take undue risks with your investments, especially when you need your funds to last the rest of your life. Financial advisor James will be happy to explain these guaranteed lifetime income strategies in more detail.

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